NanoHarmony holds its second project workshop

NanoHarmony held its 2nd Project Workshop to provide an update on the work being undertaken on the various OECD test guidelines and guidance documents and to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to provide input into the project. The workshop welcomes over 100 attendees from all around the globe. The recording of the workshop is available […]

Help NanoHarmony Overcome the Barriers Between Science and Regulatory Tools

The NanoHarmony project aims to map the barriers and challenges in terms of translating excellent science into useful regulatory tools. The pathway from scientific discovery, through the formal process of developing test guidance and then on to its use in regulatory compliance can involve many different steps and many people face significant barriers. This can […]

Over 280 registrants for webinar ‘Identification and solving barriers for translating science to regulation’

Over 280 registrations were received for NanoHarmony’s webinar ‘Identification and solving barriers for translating science to regulation’ held on March 17th. This webinar focused on helping in identifying the gaps and obstacles faced by stakeholders in developing new test methods and having them introduced as new test guidelines and guidance documents and cover the full […]

NanoHarmony holds webinar on Data requirements in Test Guideline and Guidance Document development

NanoHarmony held a webinar on Test Guidelines and Guidance Document Development on December 16th. The webinar focused on addressing some of the questions and issues raised during the previous NanoHarmony workshop and additional issues that participants may raised before the meeting. Participants also had the opportunity to raise new issues during the webinar to which […]

NanoHarmony first newsletter released

NanoHarmony released its first newsletter today. The newsletter covers the first six months of the projects and highlight its many achievements including some very successful webinars and workshops. The NanoHarmony newsletter also includes links to slides and records of past events and announces our upcoming events. Read the full newsletter here. The newsletter is published […]

Workshop on Gap Analysis and Data Requirements to support TG and GD Development

The NanoHarmony Project hosted a global online workshop on November 3-5, with expert sessions following by a public plenary meeting. The 3 day event delivered 14 expert sessions on 11 topics and included almost 200 experts from 25 countries across 4 continents.  The closing plenary brought together a further 150 delegates to hear initial outcomes and share discussion, ready […]

850 registrants for webinar ‘The pathway to Test Guidelines: from science to standards for nanomaterials’

Over 800 registrations were received for the webinar ”The pathway to Test Guidelines: from science to standards for nanomaterials’ hosted by the EC-funded projects NanoHarmony and NANOMET. The two projects, launched earlier in 2020, reflect contributions of the European Commission to support development of Test Guidelines (TG) and Guidance Documents (GD) for nanomaterials, through OECD pathways.  NanoHarmony […]

NanoHarmony hosts ‘An Introduction to NanoHarmony’

NanoHarmony hosted its first public webinar on July 7 to introduce its mission, activities and opportunities for stakeholders to get involved. The webinar featured project coordinator Thomas Kuhlbush (baua), who introduced the project as a whole and Rachel Smith (Public Health England), co-lead of WP1, who presented the scientific base supporting Test Guideline and Guidance […]

NanoHarmony project kicks off

April 24, 2020 The NanoHarmony project, funded through Horizon 2020, has the mission to support the development of Test Guidelines (TG) and Guidance Documents (GD) for eight substances where nanomaterial-adapted test methods have been identified as an industrial priority. NanoHarmony will coordinate the collection and use of available data and information to support the finalisation […]