International Workshop on  Gap Analysis and Data Requirements to support Test Guideline and Guidance Document Development for NanoHarmony Target End Points.

November 3-5: Online multi-session workshop  


The NanoHarmony project will bring together technical experts for priority End Points identified by NanoHarmony.  Expert sessions for each of the 8 End Points within NanoHarmony will bring global contributions into gap analysis and data requirements to support TG and GD development.

End Points in focus for the workshop include: Bioaccumulation testing in fish, T toxicokinetic studies, Concentrations in biological samples, Solubility and dissolution rates in water and biologically-relevant fluids, Surface chemistry and coatings, Dustiness testing, Intestinal fate from oral ingestion and Short term aquatic organism toxicity studies.

Get involved – Closing plenary, November 5: 12:30-16:00 CET

The Workshop will include a closing plenary session on the afternoon of Friday 5 November. The agenda can be downloaded HERE.

All interested participants are welcome to register and learn the outcomes from the sessions on 3-4 November. Please register below and we will share full event logistics.

If you have any queries before application, please contact us here.