NanoHarmony holds another webinar in the ‘Improving the OECD Test Guidelines Process’ series dedicated to project proposals

NanoHarmony has started a new series of interactive webinars covering the journey of an OECD Test Guideline through the initiation, development and eventual use phases to understand the challenges and barriers that need to be addressed at each stage. The first webinar in this series focussed on the use of test guidelines in industry (Phase 4 in the figure below) and gathered feedback in from stakeholders on their experiences of using test guidelines to help identify best practice for future use.

You can watch our latest webinar here and you can find the agenda below. Our next webinar should take place May 4th, keep an eye on this page for registration.

Phase 1: Project Proposal and SPSF


  • Chair Claus Svendsen (UKCEH)
  • Rachel Smith (UKHSA) Concentrations of ENMs in Biological Samples
  • Isabella De Angelis (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) Intestinal Fate Determination of Orally Ingested Nanomaterials
  • María Luisa Fernández Cruz (INIA-CSIC) Development of Technical Recommendations for Conducting Assays with Nanomaterials According to OECD Test Guidelines 201, 202 and 203