NanoHarmony holds its second project workshop

NanoHarmony held its 2nd Project Workshop to provide an update on the work being undertaken on the various OECD test guidelines and guidance documents and to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to provide input into the project. The workshop welcomes over 100 attendees from all around the globe. The recording of the workshop is available on YouTube. Watch it here. As well, you can find the agenda with the presentations from the different sessions below.

They were also dedicated sessions for regulatory and industry stakeholders on November 24th which abled discussion and offered feedback from different stakeholders.


  • Introduction,Thomas Kuhlbusch (Federal Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)) [SLIDES]

Physical Chemical Properties

  • Dustiness Testing (Task 1.7), Jacques Bouillard (INERIS) [SLIDES]
  • Surface Chemistry and Coating (Task 1.6), Jakob Klenø Nøjgaard (NRCWE) [SLIDES]
  • Solubility and dissolution rate (Task 1.5), Keld Jensen, (NRCWE) [SLIDES]

Health Effects / Effects on biotic systems

  • Toxicokinetics (Task 1.3) Ilse Gosens (RIVM) [SLIDES]
  • Concentrations of ENMs in biological samples (Task 1.4), Rachel Smith (UKSAH) [SLIDES]
  • Intestinal fate determination (Task 1.8), Isabella De Angelis (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) [SLIDES]
  • Assays for TGs 201, 202 &203 (Task 1.9), María Luisa Fernández Cruz (INIA) [SLIDES]

Environmental Fate and Behaviour

  • Bioaccumulation potential (Task 1.2), Richard Handy (University of Plymouth) [SLIDES]

Updates from Other Malta Projects

  • Update from TG development in Gov4Nano, Eric Bleeker (RIVM) [SLIDES]
  • Update from TG development in RiskGone, Maria Dusinska (NILU) [SLIDES]
  • Wrap-up and discussion of Morning sessions, Thomas Kuhlbusch (BAuA) [SLIDES]
  • Development of SOPs for chronic exposure to nanomaterials in PATROLS for future guideline and standards development, Shareen Doak (Swansea University) [SLIDES]
  • Feedback and discussion of Industry and Regulators stakeholders Session Adrienne Sips (RIVM), Claus Svendsen (CEH) & Sean Kelly (NIA) [SLIDES]
  • Feedback and discussion of WP3 survey results, Eric Bleeker (RIVM) & Anna Pohl (BAuA) [SLIDES]
  • Workshop summary and Next Steps, Thomas Kuhlbusch (BAuA) [SLIDES]