NanoHarmony hold webinar ‘Learning lessons from the past- and knowing what your customer needs’

NanoHarmony held a workshop following the journey of a Guidance Document (GD) or Test Guideline (TG) through the OECD process from the standard project submission form (SPSF), through to its adoption and use. At each stage of the process the ‘audience’ changes and therefore so does the information requirements needed to be able to address their ‘needs’. The aim of the workshop was to highlight the changes in emphasis and information required at each of the TG/GD process steps and to allow delegates to share their experiences at different stages of the TG/GD process. The outcome of the workshop is a greater shared understanding of how future OECD TG/GD can more efficiently navigate the acceptance process and to help build guidance for future proposers based on best practice.

The interaction between different stakeholders allows NanoHarmony to learn from previous experiences with the TG/GD process and to establish best practice from learned experiences and to summarise this into good practice guidelines. The webinar’s recording is now available online and you can watch it or watch it again here.

The webinar’s agenda can be found below with the presentation slides linked to the title of their respective sessions.

  • The trials and tribulations of getting from Science to final accepted TG/GD, Frank von der Kammer (UNIVIE) SLIDES
  • Check list for a successful OECD (WPMN/WNT) process, Mar Gonzalez (OECD) SLIDES
  • Sitting on the fence – experiences in leading an OECD TG development, Kathrin Schwirn and Doris Voelker (UBA) SLIDES
  • Accompany an OECD TG development – commenting as a regulatory expert, Erik Bleeker (RIVM) SLIDES

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