Over 280 registrants for webinar ‘Identification and solving barriers for translating science to regulation’

Over 280 registrations were received for NanoHarmony’s webinar ‘Identification and solving barriers for translating science to regulation’ held on March 17th.

This webinar focused on helping in identifying the gaps and obstacles faced by stakeholders in developing new test methods and having them introduced as new test guidelines and guidance documents and cover the full journey from science through to use in regulations. Stakeholders had the opportunity to provide their experiences during the workshop and these are crucial in helping to develop a new framework that will help smooth the transition of knowledge from science to guidance. The webinar’s recording is now available online and you can watch it or watch it again here.

The webinar’s agenda can be found below with the presentation slides linked to the title of their respective sessions.

  • Claus Svendsen, CEH Welcome and introduction SLIDES
  • Eric Bleeker, RIVM- The OECD process: From knowledge generation to embedding in a test guideline or guidance document SLIDES
  • Lya Hernandez, RIVM How knowledge flows can address the knowledge needs of regulators SLIDES
  • Susan Wijnhoven, RIVM What do risk assessors want and need? The results of a transdisciplinary summit SLIDES
  • Adriënne Sips, RIVM Developing regulatory readiness levels to address barriers and aid the flow of knowledge: Stakeholder feedback and discussion SLIDES
  • Claus Svendsen, CEH Close and next steps SLIDES

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